6 Must Have Items for Your Vehicle Kit

1.Drug – Some kind of medicines are very necessary while you traveling. Whenever we go to long trip most of the people feeling so much vomiting, headache & body pain, driver also feeling that kind of problems during long time drive. So for safety purpose & not required any medically treatment we must keep some good medicines.

2.Torch – Torch required when your vehicle stuck somewhere outside of city & light is not there & your vehicle light also not working so torch can help you to see the problem & also for safety purpose.

3.First Aid Kit – It is very essential equipment while you traveling because now a days everyone using their vehicle for traveling & driving is a risky & complex task. The Motor Accident Commission (MAC) also encourages for keeping medical kit. First aid kit can help you to provide some immediate treatment following a road crash until emergency services arrive.

4.Multi charger – Mobile necessary part for traveler & if mobile keeping continue so charger is very important, because in long route mobile can’t running long time so for charging your cellphone multi charger very needful thing in your vehicle.

5.Google Map in Mobile – Google map also important thing while you traveling, sometimes most of people is lost so for right way to go its necessary. Whenever you can’t get right direction your map will help you to find out your destination.

6.Tissue Paper – Those people going long trip so tissue paper one of the important kit for vehicle. For cleanness & other important work tissue paper can used.